Is Franchise Brokering a Scam?

Is Franchise Brokering a Scam?

If you look around the web, especially among the investor and entrepreneur message boards you will come across a lot of topics asking, “Is FranServe a scam?” or is “the franchise broker opportunity a scam?”, etc. etc… The answer is NO.

There are certainly some people in this business that it would not hurt to be a little more honest, mostly when it comes to recruiting new brokers but the answer is no, none of these groups are scams.

Every group discussed on here has many happy, successful brokers that if given the chance to do it all again would most definitely do so. Most of the people in this business are good, honest and ethical people and work hard to provide a competitive network for their brokers.

With any business there is risk but risk and scam are not synonymous. Just like every group having successful, happy brokers, each group also has had their fair share of those that didn’t achieve what they had hoped with the business. Sometimes this can go back to recruiters over-promising and sometimes it’s because they simply did not work the business. 

But no, franchise brokering nor any of the franchise broker groups discussed on this site are scams. 

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