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Despite being a great opportunity for the right person, one of the most unfortunate aspects to this business is the aggressiveness when it comes to the recruiting. Recruiters for many franchise broker groups are paid thousands to get you to sign, can and will say most anything to get you to join and unless they want to never have to speak to you again after you have paid your money.

Some common statements made are “I too am a successful broker”, “we only recruit who we feel is the best”, “we are extremely meticulous in who we bring on”, etc. Sorry but unfortunately this is not always the case.

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Let’s take Don Clayton from FranServe for example… According to his corporate bio he is VP of Talent Acquisition and “joined FranServe in 2012 as a consultant and quickly became a top producer and…

This is not true. Don was hired off a Craigslist ad to be a recruiter and has been one since the very first day he has been affiliated with FranServe. Don never paid $24,900 to join, never completed the broker training program, does not work leads like the typical franchise broker… He makes his living working recruiting leads that FranServe produces for him. 

Bottom line, Don may be a great recruiter but is not and has never been a franchise consultant like he is signing you up to be.