How much do franchise brokers make?

How much do franchise brokers make




$100,000 - $500,000


$30,000 - $100,000



So ready for this? Some franchise brokers make tons, some make ZERO… in fact they lose money when factoring in their initial investment and any failed marketing spend while other brokers actually earn over seven figures a year. That’s the truth, but let’s break it down more.

In the franchise broker industry, which has about 1,800 brokers in the US and Canada we put our heads together and could come up with about 10 that are true 7 figure earners. They are killing it!

Of the remaining, and this number was a little harder to nail down, we estimated that there are probably 400 that are earning somewhere between $100k and $500k a year.

Of the remaining we estimated that just under 50% are making somewhere between $30k-$100k and the rest are not earning anything.

Truth be told, the franchise broker industry really isn’t much different than other industries like real estate, insurance, recruiting… A small percentage do extremely well, a sizeable amount do well, a sizeable amount do OK and the rest chose the wrong business.

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  • $1,000,000+ .005% .005%
  • $100,000 – $500,000 23% 23%
  • $30,000 – $100,000 47% 47%
  • $0 29.995% 29.995%